• Welcome to our adocatesideline  We are delighted to introduce ourselves as the oldest and most established law firm in town, providing dedicated service to our community since 1978. When it comes to choosing legal representation, we believe our firm stands out for several compelling reasons.

  • First and foremost, our extensive experience sets us apart. With over four decades of practice, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various legal areas. This means that when you choose our firm, you are benefitting from a depth of understanding and skill that comes from years of successfully handling a wide range of cases.

  • Another key factor that makes us an excellent choice is our trusted reputation. Throughout the years, we have built enduring relationships with our clients, earning their trust and respect through our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service. We take great pride in the positive outcomes we have achieved for our clients and the lasting impact we have made in their lives.

  • Our strong community ties further reinforce our standing. Being the oldest law firm in town, we have deep roots and a comprehensive understanding of the local legal landscape. We have developed strong connections with the community and possess a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face within our region.

  • At the heart of our approach is our unwavering dedication to putting our clients first. We believe in a client-centered approach that prioritizes your needs, concerns, and objectives. When you choose our firm, you can expect personalized attention, open communication, and a supportive team that will guide you through the legal process with care and compassio.

  • Lastly, our longevity speaks volumes about our reliability. We have stood the test of time and have consistently provided dependable and trustworthy legal services. You can have confidence that we will be there for you, offering stability, consistency, and a steadfast commitment to protecting your rights and interests.


    In conclusion, our firm’s rich history, extensive experience, trusted reputation, community ties, and client-centered approach make us the ideal choice for your legal needs. We invite you to explore our website further, learn more about our services, and get in touch with our team. We are ready to provide you with the exceptional legal representation you deserve.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional legal services, guided by integrity, expertise, and a client-centered approach. With our longstanding experience and commitment to excellence, we strive to deliver favorable outcomes while prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

Our Values

Integrity, Expertise, Client-Centered, Excellence, Trustworthy.